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Some of our hay has Won
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Hay season
starts now.

Meadow Grass

Also A
Variety of Blends

  • All year hay storage and hay contract Available.

Currently Ready
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Fresh cut Orchard Gray Hay ready for delivery to your barn. This is excellent quality Oregon grown Hay very suitable for your horses

Meadow Grass




Contact us to
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Jason Allensworth




Off the field or from the barn our hay is ready to ship to your farm.

SoCal Hay
Provides fresh Quality hay which is available throughout the year. The selections listed here are what we currently have available for delivery.


Hays that are available during the 2017 season:

  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Cutting Orchard grass hay -
    Great color, soft medium stem.
    • 3 string - 100lbs bales .

  • Timothy grass hay -
    Great color, meduim stem, no brown leaf .
    • 3 string bales  - 100lbs.

  • Orchard/Timothy grass hay -
    Great blend for horses, good color.
    • 100lb  - 3 string bales


  • Orchard/Alfalfa hay, -
    10-30% alfalfa, great blend for the working horse.
    • 100lb - 3 string bales

  • Meadow Grass -
    A Great blend, a variety of orchard/meadow, timothy/fecue/brome.
    • 3 string  - 100# bales
  • Alfalfa -
    All types and grades available

This is the hay we have available for this winter, all hay is quality horse hay and barn stored. Hay is moving steady this year and supplies won’t last through the winter. Hay season starts NOW! So please call today to place your order.

Call Jason Allensworth: 559.281.7527

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