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SoCal Hay is owned and operated by
Jason Allensworth

A large portion of our hays are grown on Thousand Springs ranch, a few thousand acre cattle ranch located in Summer Lake, Oregon. For over 5 generations they have raised quality cattle, farmed and shipped hay all over the country and have produce numerous fine horseman and horses over the years.

Thousand Springs Ranch is off the grid utilizing solar, wind and generators for power. They are blessed to have numerous fresh springs and free flowing artesian wells to irrigate their meadows. Most of the hay produced on Thousand Springs is used to feed their cows through the winter.

Thanks to Thousand Springs Ranch and other farms like them, we are able to provide you with the best hay available today.

SoCal Hay leases other farms to produce hay and has great long term relationships with a variety of trusted hay growers.

Jason Allensworth handles all of the operations for SoCal Hay, with family and a group of hard working individuals, helps make our business successful. When Jason is not buying and selling hay, driving, talking on the phone or meeting with other farms and customers, he enjoys being with his family and friends.


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