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SoCal Hay - Customer Comments

Thank you to all of you who choose to support us as a service provider.


Happy Customer!

Great service and great quality! I am always thrilled with the excellent hay I receive from SoCal Hay, no matter what kind, it is consistently clean and well bailed. The service and professionalism from Jason and his crew make them a pleasure to deal with and deliveries are always on time. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of quality hay for their animals!



Happy Customer!

I approached SoCalHay after being burned and repeatedly disappointed by other hay providers. Jason immediately went out of his way to help me out of a bad situation without asking for a promise or contract for my business which in turn won me over completely. I know without a doubt he has my best interests at heart.

SoCal Hay has helped me by proving that great quality, affordability AND customer service can go hand in hand. Jason has been involved from ordering to delivery, keeping me updated on exactly what to expect and when to expect it.

The result was a better, more consistent quality hay at a better price point.

One thing I liked was their interest and involvement in educating me on the different cuts, qualities and even delivery methods.

I found the experience enlightening and have already made changes in the way I order

I would recommend SoCal Hay to anyone who wants to be continually impressed with their hay provider and potentially save thousands of dollars annually on feed costs!



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